Check out what we have in-store for you this October half-term. More coming soon! 

Spooky Samhain

Monday 21st October, 2019  - multiple slots available 
Stockwood Discovery Centre

Spooky Samhain (Ages 2+)
We invite you to Stockwood Discovery Centre for a day of spooky activities!
Make your own lantern to take with you as you navigate the Sidhe trail around the gardens - looking out for the fairy houses - and make your way to the storytelling tent to hear all about Finn MacCoul and his Clever Wife.
Feeling peckish? Our Garden Café will be serving a range of Irish delights such as Irish Stew, Colcannon, Irish sausages and burgers and Tayto Crisps.
and for those who don't scare easily, join us for...
Very Spooky Samhain (Ages 10+)
If you're aged 10 and above and think you can handle it, why not brave our latest slot of the day at 5pm. After you create your own lantern and follow the trail, you'll wind up in the storytelling tent for a hair-raising ghost story about the birth of Oisin...


Tues 22 Oct & Wed 23 Oct 2019
Stockwood  Discovery Centre

Multi-award winning Zoo Co present this magical and visual story complete with original music, puppets, tap dancing and even a trip to the moon! All the while celebrating the stories that explode from "The Mess".
Meet Daisy. She's got a messy brain and a messy bedroom. No matter what she does, "The Mess" just seems to follow her about! Which makes it very difficult to look for stuff. Important stuff. Like Mr Twiggy!
When Daisy is chosen to look after Mr Twiggy the class hamster, Daisy (and the rest of her class) worry she might lose him. So she’s very glad when best friend Beth decides to stay over to lend a hand. In fact, Beth, Daisy and Mr Twiggy are going to have the best weekend ever! But things don’t quite go to plan...
Performed by a Deaf and hearing cast with Sign Supported English, Messy has been created in partnership with ADHD Foundation and all performances are Relaxed Performances, which means if you need to stand up, sit down, wriggle around, leave or come back in, that’s absolutely fine! There aren't any loud noises and the lights will stay on in the theatre so it won’t be too dark.
Age Guidance: 4 – 8 years and disabled adults, all are welcome


Tue 22 Oct & Wed 23 Oct 2019
Luton Library Theatre

One day Monty found a book, ‘Inventions Very Rare’ Create yourself a monster friend BUT ONLY IF YOU DARE!
Monty is a young inventor with big ideas. Join him as he creates a whole world of incredible monsters. Large, small, hairy, dusty and always smelly. Monty’s monster-making skills are unstoppable – but whatever is he going to do with all of them?
From the creators of Aliens Love Underpants, This energetic show full of laughs, songs, dancing and more than a pinch of mayhem will delight the whole family with original music and plenty of audience participation! Perfect entertainment for the school holidays. It’s going to be monster-ous fun!
Age Guidance: 3+

The Horrid House Tour

Tue 22 Oct & Wed 23 Oct 2019
Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

A Fun, interactive tour of Wardown House just for kids – strictly no parents allowed! This is no ordinary tour!
Explore the nasty, grizzly and truly disgusting history of Wardown House! Tales of vicious villans, ghastly ghosts, wounded, bloody-soldiers, a buffet of horror to rival the most repulsive bush-tucker trial and … a serious bout of explosive diarrhoea.
Written by Teresa Burns.
Ages 8 – 11
Please note: Parents are to drop children off at the Dining Room and stay on site for the duration of the tour, then collect children from this space at end of the tour.

Frankenstein for Kids

Thu 24 Oct 2019
Stockwood Discovery Centre

Monstrous original silliness! A quirky tale of “Frankenstein For  Kids” – a hilarious fusion of silliness, unscientific storytelling and monstrous balloon puppetry.
When Igor, Dr Frankenstein’s assistant, attempts to assemble a beautiful dancer made from balloons, it all goes terribly wrong. Following a plan is not as easy as it looks. Dr Frankenstein is furious – his lifetime dream of winning the highly-coveted North Southby Dance Competition Cup is fading fast and he is ready to burst! A marvellous monster is created and comes alive! Can Igor teach the friendly monster to dance in time? Will Dr Frankenstein be triumphant and win the cup?
In Circo Ridiculoso’s unique style, a story is adapted and mutated from horror to ha ha ha, from the dark and spooky to the light and airy. Join international award winning balloon artist, Danny for this highly visual, original, yet gentle anarchic modern clowning show.
Ages 4+