We believe the Arts are for everyone so we include performances for a diverse range of audiences and needs in our programme. Take a look at our children’s shows that are signed, captioned and/or relaxed and book ahead for this Autumn.


Where: Across our Libraries
Date: Saturday 21st September, 2019
Time: 11am - 11.45pm
Cost: £3.00 
Booking information: Box Office: 01582 878100
Book Online: Buy Tickets
Collar and Cuffs Theatre Company presents
An award-winning multi-sensory musical theatre tale of grumpy feelings and what to do about them. "Crabby went a-walking along the sea shore. Crabby went a-walking, let's see what Crabby saw."
When Crabby the hermit crab loses his shell after being cursed by a Mermaid, he's up against the turning tides and must find a new one as soon as possible. He soon discovers it's not easy getting what you want if you're, well, a bit crabby. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the Edwardian seaside in this award-winning musical multi-sensory show from Collar & Cuffs Co. Along the seashore you'll encounter giant jellyfish, a happy flappy seagull, and even a parade!
Featuring a performance plus a sensory play session, this little tale explores anger, frustration and tantrums plus lots of simple low cost/no cost ways to release big feelings in safe ways. Relaxed and Signed.
'Crabby' won the International Youth Arts Festival's Best of the Fest award for the best Children and Families Show on the 15th July 2018.
Age Guidance: 0 - 7 years
Please note: Shows are fully accessible for children aged 0-7, and are only ever performed in a relaxed style to accommodate a wide range of needs; content may also be suitable for young people. Our babes in arms free entry policy only applies to children under 6 months for this show and cildren under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Event website: http://www.collarandcuffs.org


Stockwood Discovery Centre
Tues 22 Oct, 11am - 11.45am
Tues 22 Oct  2pm- 2.45pm
Wed 23 Oct   11am - 11:45am
Wed 23 Oct  2pm - 2.45pm
Cost: £7 
Booking information: Box Office: 01582 878100
Book Online: Buy Tickets
Zoo Co presents
Multi-award winning Zoo Co present this magical and visual story complete with original music, puppets, tap dancing and even a trip to the moon! All the while celebrating the stories that explode from "The Mess".
Meet Daisy. She's got a messy brain and a messy bedroom. No matter what she does, "The Mess" just seems to follow her about! Which makes it very difficult to look for stuff. Important stuff. Like Mr Twiggy!
When Daisy is chosen to look after Mr Twiggy the class hamster, Daisy (and the rest of her class) worry she might lose him. So she’s very glad when best friend Beth decides to stay over to lend a hand. In fact, Beth, Daisy and Mr Twiggy are going to have the best weekend ever! But things don’t quite go to plan...
Can Daisy use the adventures of "The Mess" to find Mr Twiggy and prove everyone wrong?
Performed by a Deaf and hearing cast with Sign Supported English, Messy has been created in partnership with ADHD Foundation and all performances are Relaxed Performances, which means if you need to stand up, sit down, wriggle around, leave or come back in, that’s absolutely fine! There aren't any loud noises and the lights will stay on in the theatre so it won’t be too dark.
Age Guidance: 4 – 8 years and disabled adults, all are welcome


Hansel, Gretal and You… Who?

Luton Central Library
Sat 23 Nov  11am - 12pm
Sat 23 Nov  2pm - 3pm
Cost: £5 
Booking information: Box Office: 01582 878100
Book Online: Buy Tickets
Booster Cushion Theatre for Children presents
Hansel and Gretal have been turned into oven gloves and don’t know what to do! Join them on their journey across the globe in this retelling of a well-loved traditional fairy tale.
They decide to go on a journey around the world looking for food and some friends. They bump into some woodland animals who just want to play sports all the time, luckily they know the best way out of the forest is with an audience wide relay race. But while taking part, the siblings get trapped by the Witch. Luckily, the Gingerbread Man has a great idea to save them, he’ll just need some help…
This is a fast funny show with lots of opportunities to help. The audience carry out a relay race, learn how to say ‘hello’ in other languages, discover a map of the world and mime Olympic sports.
Age Guidance: 3+


Santa’s Marvellous Magical Toyshop

Luton Library Theatre
Sat 14 Dec- 2.30pm - Signed Performance (20 min interval)
Fri 13 Dec - 1.30pm - Signed Performance (no interval)
Other performances available
Cost: £10.50 - £12 
£9 over 60s 
£8.50 schools 
Booking information: Box Office: 01582 878100
Book Online: Buy Tickets
Little Blue Monster presents:
Christmas is coming, but after 164 years of service, Santa’s Chief Elf would like to retire. He’s getting old, and he wants to spend Christmas with his little family. But, poor Santa is left with a very big problem. Who will make all of the toys for the good girls and boys?
It’s a very BIG job, and Santa must find someone he can trust - and fast! So, he places an advert on JobsForElves.com. ‘Trainee Elf required!’ What could possibly go wrong?
This funny, festive show comes to life with catchy songs, beautiful puppets and not forgetting, Santa’s Marvellous Magical Toy Shop, full of glittery surprises! Little people aged 3+ will love this hilarious tale, but big people will have lots of fun, too.
Includes a post-show meet and greet with the actors.