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What's On > Independence Talks: Whose Biriyani Is It Anyway?

The Hat Factory

Date: Saturday 7th October, 2017
Time: 19:30 - 20:30
Cost: 3
Free for schools/college groups

We are sorry to announce that this event has been cancelled. Find out about our next talk, Colonialism, Culture and Identity

Luton Culture in partnership with All Faiths and None present

Food in Britain is often seen as a marker for identity - with the biryani being a very specific Asian dish, historically associated with Muslims, but now available in every curry house in the UK. We will discuss the place of biryani in mainstream culture and why the British palate has become so accustomed to it, in a way that other dishes have not.

Discussing major factors including colonialism, workforce development and the contemporary industry in which Asian food, including biryani, affects the economy.

Panel Chair: Raheed Salam - Director All Faiths and None, a national educational charity.

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