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What's On > John Myers The World Is Not Beautiful

Hat Factory Arts Centre

Start date: Friday 24th February, 2017
Finish date: Saturday 29th April, 2017
Days of week: Wednesday (14:00 - 18:00),
Thursday (14:00 - 18:00),
Friday (14:00 - 18:00),
Saturday (12:00 - 16:00),
Cost: Free entry
Booking information: No need to book.

University of Hertfordshire Galleries/Departure Lounge presents

John Myers’ remarkable and little-known landscape and portrait photography from the 1970s has recently started to attract critical and international attention after a sparse exhibition and publishing history between 1972 and 2011.

Myers’ black and white photographs record the trappings of life in the suburban West Midlands housing developments of the 1970s. Landscape in its broadest term describes his documentation of this environment - blocks of flats, cul-de-sacs, garages, electricity substations. The interiors, fashions and sculptural qualities of the period are recorded in his series on television sets, furniture and in portraits of everyday people in their domestic setting, sitting on their sofas or standing in backyards, staring unsmiling at the camera.

Customer notice: This exhibition will be closed Easter Weekend

Additional dates for your diary: 

  • John Myers will conduct a guided tour of the exhibition on Saturday 25 March at 2pm.
  • Curator Matthew Shaul will deliver an illustrated talk setting the wider contexts around John Myers’ work Saturday 22 April at 2pm.
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