Step back in time and glimpse an insight into a wealthy family home during the Victorian period. Highlights include…

Customer notice: The Billiard and Smoking Rooms are closed for repair work until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Billiard Room

Sporting equipment, games and trophies line the shelves in our billiard room. Why not try our interactive billiard table and score a special surprise?

The Smoking Room

A traditional gentleman’s room, with snuff boxes, pipes and a selection of our optical toys. Sit back and watch the changing face of Luton or delve into our digital archive of the Luton News.

The Library

From books, Bagshawe to bellarmines…snoop through the shelves of books and our cabinets of curiosity. Open drawers, peek into our collectors cabinet and discover Luton’s penguin connection!

The Murry Barford Drawing Room

An elegant, light and airy room where you can surround yourself with our vast fine art and decorative arts collections.

The Lady’s Bedroom and The Dressing Room

What would a Victorian lady wear? Explore (and dress-up) in the beautifully decorated ladies bedroom showcasing selected fashion accessories and linens from our collection. In The Dressing Room, view selections from the museum’s costume collection and open the drawers to gloves, fans and fashion stories.