The Estate

Stockwood has many historical associations. The land was once owned by the Rotheram family, but in 1708 the estate was purchased by Richard Crawley.

Stockwood House was completed in 1740 at a cost of £60,000 by John Crawley. The estate included walled gardens supplying fruit and vegetables for the house, as well as wonderful roses. Stockwood was the home of the Crawley family until 1940 when the house became a hospital.

During the Second World War, patients from Alexandra Hospital, Kent, were relocated to Stockwood House.

Luton Town Council paid £100,000 for the house and estate in 1945, and the grounds became a public park. The house, in a poor state, was pulled down in 1964. The stable block and walled gardens were opened in 1986 as Stockwood Craft Museum. Today they form part of the Stockwood Discovery Centre.