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Who we are?

Luton Culture is a charitable trust created to deliver cultural services to the people of Luton. Our vision is to open up Cultural opportunities in Luton for everyone.

'The SLS staff are always very friendly and welcoming. They are super-efficient and accommodating'  Teacher from Beechwood Primary School

What does Luton Culture Schools Library Service provide?

Luton Culture Schools Library Service is a subscription service for schools and educational settings in Luton. We can provide a variety of packages to help schools and education settings meet Literacy and Reading for Pleasure priorities and support and raise pupils’ attainment and social outcomes.

Did you know?

With an annual school budget of £5000 for 500 pupils a school can only afford to buy 596 full price new books (these cannot be exchanged or updated).*The average cost of primary books is £8.39
(Statistics supplied by Peters Library Service, Feb 2011)

Make your budget go further

For the same budget, the School Library Service would provide annually: 500 pupils x 3 books = 1500 books
(3 books per pupil per year as curriculum support materials)

Total value of books provided = £12,585
(these books would be professionally selected, changed and refreshed every term)

That means 250% value for money

Why subscribe to a Schools Library Service?

“Pupils should be taught to read fluently, understand extended prose, both fiction and non-fiction, and be encouraged to read for please. Schools should do everything to promote wider reading. They should provide library facilities and set ambitious expectations for reading at home.”

Children who say they enjoy reading for pleasure are more likely to score well on reading assessments compared to pupils who said they enjoy reading less.
Encouraging reading for Pleasure, DfE, 2012

“!Schools Libraries should be a focal point for a school. In a school library there should be the resources to support every aspect of school life: every project, books to support sport, dancing, music, art; and it should also be the place to go for stories and poems. It should be an unmissable, unavoidable place.
Michael Rosen, Children’s Laureate 2007 - 2009

“reading enjoyment is more important for children’s education success than their family’s socio-economic status.”
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and development (OECD, 2002)

'The children in my school benefit greatly from the SLS, they have a constant supply of topic books ( at appropriate levels and up to date).They always have a  new story I’ve never heard of before and my library shelves are bulging with SLS books.'  Teacher from Beechwood Primary School

Contact us

Teachers can visit the schools library service.  Please call us before arriving.

Schools Library Service
Leagrave Library
Marsh Road

For further information, please visit Luton School Support Services

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