Toolkits for Teachers

The documents on this page are all provided within the 'Stones 'n' Bones' micro-museum, but if you wish to download additional copies then you can do so here. Please be aware that these documents are copyright of Luton Cultural Services Trust and contributors.

Front cover of teacher's Resource Booklet

This booklet contains information about every period in history that has affected Waulud’s Bank

The first half contains colourful one page summaries of each period from the Palaeolithic to the modern day. The second half contains one page summaries of how the site was discovered and interpreted, from the first antiquarian Worthington George Smith.

This booklet is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the site, but would be particularly useful to teachers as an easy background summary to the site.

Appendix A workbook cover

This booklet contains copies of selected archive material relating to Waulud’s Bank. This resource reveals some of the interpretation of the monument from those who discovered it.

Appendix B Workbook cover

This booklet contains photographs from excavations conducted in 1953. There are also two aerial photographs of the site showing area before the construction of Marsh Farm. Our thanks go to James Dyer and Luton News for allowing us to use these.

Appendix C Workbook Cover

This booklet contains a number of plans of the monument which show what the site looks like and where previous excavations and discoveries have been made. 

Appendix D Workbook Cover

This workpack contains ideas for activities that will encourage your children to explore the ancient monument of Waulud’s Bank. You may wish to cover all or just some of these.

All the resources you need for the activities and background information for yourself and your staff are included in either this booklet or one of the other booklets included with the micro-museum.


Appendix E Workbook cover

This booklet contains some of the many reconstruction drawings of the site. What did it look like? Here are some attempts to answer that question. Not all are correct.

Appendix H Workbook cover

This leaflet is of a possible walk around the monument. Taking approximately 1hr 20 mins to complete it allows the monument to be explored on the ground. Complete with map.