Two flight cases containing the Waulud's Bank real and replica objects

Toolkits for Museum Professionals

The documents on this page are intended to be used by museum professionals to assist them in developing their own, or similar, mini-museums. Please be aware that these copies are copyright of Luton Cultural Services Trust and contributors.


Appendix G Workbook Cover

This booklet is a concise 10 point summary of the main findings of the project. Hence this booklet is an ideal introduction, at a glance, to the Mini-Museum Project intended for Museum professionals, who may want to develop their own similar project. 

Waulud's Bank Appenidx I cover

The Waulud's Bank Mini-Museum project was evaluated by Julie Reynolds. This document is the full report of her findings, complete with all references and transcripts from interviews.

This is ideal for museum professionals who would like to look further into how this project was conducted and to observe its outcomes.


Further information about how this project can help museum professionals develop their own resource, can be found on the Museums Practice website.