Borrowing the Waulud’s Bank Resource

What is it?

The ‘Bones ‘n’ Stones mini-museum includes two wheeled flight cases filled with real and replica artefacts and a colourful pop up banner.  The mini-museum also provides information booklets which will enable schools to extract maximum benefit from the resource.  These booklets can be downloaded from our Teacher’s Toolkit

The mini-museum is:

  • Easy to use in classrooms and to move around school.
  • Carefully packed in padded cases to protect the objects.
  • Compact and easy to store when not in use.
  • Multi-layered, making use of real and replica artefacts as well as historical information.  It also includes an OS map highlighting areas in and around Luton that have evidence of Prehistoric activity.

How to borrow

The Bones ‘n’ Stones mini-museum can be loaned from Luton Culture for up to two weeks at a time with a £20 returnable deposit, and must be booked in advance.  The resource is primarily aimed at schools in Luton and Bedfordshire but can be borrowed by schools further afield.  The mini-museum is perfect for groups of all ages from KS2 to KS5 studying Prehistory or local history.  The resource is free to borrow but the cases are only available upon collection from and return to Luton Culture, address and timings will be confirmed at the time of booking.  If you would like to know more about our terms and conditions or to book the resource please contact the schools team:


Telephone: 01582 598065

Two flight cases containing real and replica objects from Waulud's Bank

The flight cases are portable and easy to use in the classroom.

Waulud's Bank flight case 1 open showing contents - replica pottery and information booklets

Case 1 contains two replica objects, a map highlighting local areas that have evidence of Prehistoric activity and an information pack.

Waulud's Bank Case 2 open showing real and replica objects

Case two holds two layers of objects: Finds 1 and Finds 2.

Waulud's Bank resources Finds 1 tray showing Roman period objects

Finds 1 is a tray containing 8 Roman period objects from the site including pottery, animal bones and a piece of quern stone.

Waulud's Bank Finds 2 Prehistoric stone tools

Finds 2 displays 8 Prehistoric stone tools, including a Bronze Age arrowhead and Neolithic flint flake as well as a replica Bronze Age arrow.