Learning through Gaming

Our partnership with the University of Bedfordshire continues, and in 2016 their first year Computer Games Design students used our Saxon Discoveries session as inspiration.

The partnership came about because our learning team wished to experiment with the creation of engaging and enjoyable web based learning, but lacked the time, expertise and resources to develop content in house. Nor was capital available to hire external providers to develop software to our specifications.

The Computer Games Development course staff at the University of Bedfordshire were interested in establishing a partnership with a local provider who could offer their first year students a ‘real world client’ to work with as they learned how to create games.

The games seen below show some of what we have achieved together so far.

Please note, these games are in various states of completion and are hosted here as a showcase rather than as a finished product. 




We would welcome constructive feedback about the games, please email us your comments, including the name of the game you are commenting on.