Library Makers


What is Library Makers?

Library Makers are a unique team of individuals, groups and organisations working together with the library to help shape and transform our libraries into vibrant and cultural hubs within the community.
Library Makers is an opportunity for anyone with a passion or interest in libraries and volunteering to support us and get involved. Whether you are a supporter of Luton Central Library or want to actively get involved with your local branch library then there are opportunities for you.
Library Makers are people from all walks of life, with a unique set of interests, skills, passions and talents. They are groups, organisations and individuals who share their skills and passions through showing support, donating and volunteering and can be students, retirees, parents and children, young professionals and young people. Where some Library Makers may have a lot of time to commit to their project, others may have an hour a week or a week a year. Whoever you are, whatever you can do or give, there is a place for you within Library Makers.

What Do Library Makers Do?

Library Makers is a fantastic opportunity for you to support or get involved Central Library and/or with your local branch. Whether you are a supporter and just wish to keep up to date with the latest goings on at your local library or want to actively get involved through volunteering opportunities then there is something for you. Library Makers can get involved in a range of different opportunities, from liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter to helping us with our Reading Challenges or other events that will help shape a sustainable and resilient library for the future. As a Library Maker you can directly have a say and influence key areas of the library. As a Library Maker you will be supported by a team of highly skilled members of staff.

How Do I Sign Up?

Becoming a Library Maker is easy! You just need to sign-up through our simple online registration form and you will instantly be a Library Maker.
Once you are signed up, your level of involvement is up to you. Whether you wish to be a supporter and keep up to date with the latest news or become actively involved, then the choice is yours.
We realise that not everyone has the time to get involved on a regular basis but we know that there are many people who are interested and support the all the good work being carried out in the libraries across Luton. We still want you to become a Library Maker. Once you are signed up as a Library Maker you can choose one (or more) of our challenges and that you wish to get involved in, accept the challenge and we will send you further information.

How Do I Get Involved?

Once you're signed up as a Library Maker you can now get involved in any number of our exciting challenges. We regularly post different challenges and will post information on Twitter and our Facebook page. Whether it's a few minutes or you want to make it regular, then we have lots of exciting challenges for you to have a go at.
If you are unsure or are not able to find an opportunity that you are looking for then contact us and we will see what we can do.