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What's On > Under My Skin

The Hat Factory

Date: Tuesday 15th October, 2013
Time: 18:15 - 21:00
Cost: 10, 8 concessions, 5 NUS and Culture Card, 3 under 18s
Booking information: Box office: 01582 547474 / 878100

Sadhana Dance Present

Under My Skin

Exploring unseen, unspoken practices of the operating theatre, Under My Skin opens a closed and clinical world to the public.

Drawing on Bharata Natyam and contemporary choreography, the audience is invited into the operating theatre where intricate detail, perfect timing and precisely controlled exchanges draw parallels with dance. 

Each performance will be followed by a Cafe Scientifique where BBC Radio 4 presenter Quentin Cooper will chair a discussion between the artists and scientists involved in the show and the audience.

Under My Skin is co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West and ICIA bath, supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, Dance 4, South East Dance, Akademi and New Bucks University. 

Recommended for ages 12+

Run time: 80 mins (including 20 mins Q&A) 

Pre Show Event "Who pulls the strings?"

6:15pm to 7:15pm

Before the evening's performance, an unusual hands-on interactive session invites you to think differently about the world of surgery. 

Join Professor Roger Kneebone (surgeon and innovator at Imperial College London) and Sharon Weldon (operating theatre nurse) as they work together to perform a simulated ‘operation’ and give you the chance to try your hand at surgery too!

At the same time, expert puppeteers Rachel Warr and Matt Hutchinson work together to bring their puppets to life, and with them you can explore a different kind of teamwork.

Maybe the operating theatre and the puppet theatre aren't so different after all.

The pre show event is free to attend.

Event website: