Board of Trustees

Luton Culture is governed by a Board of Trustees, who act as guardians of Luton’s cultural needs. The Trustees, together with senior staff, determine the strategic direction for Luton Culture. The main responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to:

• Set directions, aims and standards
• Develop strategy
• Monitor performance
• Ensure compliance with the law and give accountability
• Ensure the Board is effective

The Trustees undertake their roles on a voluntary basis. Board selection and recruitment aims to achieve a broad representation of different backgrounds, expertise and perspectives. The Board oversees a Finance Sub-Committee and a Human Resources Sub-Committee, made up of Trustees. In addition, the Board oversees task and finish groups on varied topics as required, with trustees appointed to these groups for a finite period. Board meetings are held quarterly. In addition to trustees, the Corporate Management Team for Luton Culture also attends these meetings.