Equalities Policy Statement

Luton Culture’s vision is to open up cultural opportunities for everyone. By everyone we mean people from diverse backgrounds and with varying experiences, abilities and needs. We will ensure that equality and diversity are at the heart of all that we do both in our cultural offer and as an employer and where we don’t reach these standards we will use what we’ve learned to help us improve.

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. We will develop and deliver services and programmes that will help overcome discrimination and disadvantage to enable people to participate fully and to reach their full potential.

Our key objectives are that:

  • We will develop and deliver services that are inclusive, accessible and appropriate for the people we serve;
  •  We will work with partners and communities to shape and evaluate our plans and programmes;
  •  We will welcome and encourage recruitment of people from all backgrounds. We will promote and support the development of all employees to ensure we benefit fully from the full range of talent and experience available and to seek to be representative of our users;
  • We will ensure that our employees, volunteers and key contractors have appropriate skills and understanding to treat every person with respect, dignity and fairness.

These objectives will be delivered through an action plan agreed and monitored by our Board of Trustees. Our Board of Trustees will include an equalities champion who will support and challenge us to ensure that we deliver the spirit of this statement and the detail of the plan.