Truck Art

Decorated Bedford TJ truck in a traditional Pakistani folk art style

Inspired by the Pakistani folk art tradition ‘Truck Art’, a group of local young people teamed up with artists from the U.K. and Pakistan to create their own decorated vintage Vauxhall Bedford truck. 

The Truck Art project to celebrated the strong links between Luton and Pakistan; Bedford trucks produced in Luton in the 1950s are still in popular use in Pakistan. Truck Art is a type of folk art practiced on vehicles in Pakistan and in South Asia, where specialist truck artists create vibrant and highly personal works of truck art.

With help from Vauxhall Motors Ltd, Luton Culture sourced a vintage Bedford TJ in Malta and shipped it back to Luton, ready to be decorated in a traditional Pakistani folk art style. With the help of the Museum’s Youth Team, Re-Created, and artists Rory Coxhill, a traditional gypsy artist and Hadier Ali, a truck painter based in Karachi, Pakistan, the Bedford TJ truck was transformed into a multi-coloured Pakistani style truck.

Re-Created, the museum’s youth team worked in partnership with Luton Culture to deliver the Truck Art project, working to co-curate its exhibition and decorate the truck. Six members of the team also went on a once in a lifetime trip to Pakistan to see first hand the unique and colourfultrucks and gain inspiration for the creation of their own truck.

 ‘The experience I gained from designing the whole exhibition is just the best, most rewarding thing I have ever done.’ – Ciara