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Luton Voices aims to record, preserve and celebrate the oral history of broad range of communities who, together, make Luton what it is today. 

Luton Voices will develop an oral history archive that will explore, record and celebrate Luton’s 20th century social history, in particular its cultural diversity. Working with a number of community partners, the project will record life stories (at least 150) and use these as the basis for educational and creative outputs such as exhibitions, web sites and publications. The majority of interviews will be carried out by trained volunteers from the partner groups.

The community groups involved believe such work to be relevant to their heritage and cultural identity. Their research will focus on areas of historical information, which are not well represented in official records, for example the personal experiences of first generation migrants who settled in Luton. Certain groups, such as the Irish Forum, are keen to record this first hand testimony before it is too late. 

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)