Generations Together


Generations Together (GT) was a national demonstrator project designed to:

  • Generate wider interest in and thinking about intergenerational work;
  • Increase the number of volunteers working on intergenerational activity by 20,000 by the end of the programme;
  • Encourage a more strategic and sustainable approach;
  • Provide robust evidence of the effectiveness of intergenerational initiatives, and in particular, which models are most effective in delivering which outcomes, for which groups of people, in which situations.

In Luton, GT was coordinated by Luton Culture on behalf of Luton Borough Council. The purpose of the programme was to bring older (over 50 years) and younger (11 - 25 years) people together in mutually beneficial activities to promote greater understanding and respect and to build more cohesive communities.

Projects such as Film Making and theatre, Business Mentoring and IT supports and much more.

The Result

  • More than 700 older and younger people in volunteering between January 2010 and March 2011
  • Change of perception about volunteering, these volunteers realised that volunteering is easily accessible and rewarding
  • An improvement in health and wellbeing for older people
  • Increased self esteem and greater participation in positive activities amongst younger people
  • Overall the respect and understanding between both generations is strongly affirmed

"Personally, I have become a lot stronger in myself. Now I can be myself on stage as well as off stage, I can go out in front of people without having a panic attack..." Sharnice Miles