Our Business Plan

Our 5-year business plan focuses on our strengths and provides a way in which we can rationalise our operation and reduce our costs by £1m over the coming two years. We will focus on arts, museums and libraries, our three core sites, growing our audiences, strengthening our core team and growing our commercial profits. These areas are outlined in the business plan under three themes:

  • Programme and people
  • Priority places
  • Partnerships and teamwork

In the fifth year of this business plan, we will be more independent and well known for being an innovative, creative and caring arts and cultural Trust. We will have fruitful strategic partnerships locally, nationally and internationally and we will have a large following of loyal and proud customers, partners, funders, businesses, ambassadors, staff and volunteers.

To get to this point our strategic aim is to become more independent by clarifying our purpose, widening impact, broadening horizons and increasing income from activity, services and trade in order to cover at least half of our operating costs. This strategic aim shall be delivered through this plan and evaluated regularly by the Luton Culture team and monitored quarterly by the Board of Trustees.