Subscription Charges

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All our packages are subject to an annual subscription charge of:

£300 for a Luton school or £500 for outside of Luton school, academy or educational establishment

Annual Subscriptions

Take out an annual subscription to one of the following three options:

Option 1
Full Package
Option 2
Project Package
Option 3
Library Package

Termly Classroom Project Collections and Annual library loans (6 books per child)

£16.00 per pupil/nursery place 

Termly Classroom Project Collections (3 books per child)
(Flexible exchanges throughout the term to total number of books)

£10.50 per pupil/nursery place

Annual Library Loans (3 books per child)
(Termly book exchanges)

£10.50 per pupil/nursery place

All charges are subject to VAT










Please contact us for further information on prices.  We are happy to discuss your needs with you and advice you on what service would be appropriate to meet your school priorities.

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Teachers can visit the schools library service.  Please call us before arriving.

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