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Andrews UK Limited logoAndrews UK Limited (AUK) – is one of the UK’s leading digital book publishers. With a huge range of titles and multiple imprints, it is the publisher of choice for both established and first time authors.  It has been established here in the UK since the year 2000.

AUK also works in partnership with other publishers to convert and distribute their books on a global basis. All work is carried out by our directly employed staff, here in our Luton, Bedfordshire, UK offices.

AUK is also a leading digital audio distributor, placing titles on platforms such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, and other world class audio outlets. AUK also distributes physical retail products, such as Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD as well as physical books. AUK has distribution and sales contracts with most leading distributors and retailers.

AUK is an innovator in digital eBooks, with for example, having a 10% global share of the ‘app eBooks’ on sale on the launch of the original Apple iPad, as well as launching the world’s first eBook with 3D film content in it.

We have been the gateway for multiple publishers to launch their titles into the global digital market place. AUK also digitally publishes games for both external developers and also its partner company ‘The Digital Media Factory’.

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Testimonials –

‘Working with Andrews UK Ltd enabled us to fast-track our eBook programme and develop a significant new revenue stream’ Hazel Cushion - Managing Director - Accent Press Ltd


'I couldn’t believe the speed of the conversion operation. My experience with conventional publishing suggests a simple cover design typically takes three months, while getting a book to market usually takes at least a year and sometimes substantially longer. With AUK electronic publishing, it was quite astonishing to see things moving at the speed they did: I signed the contract on Tuesday and saw the eBook offered for sale the following Friday.

It was amazing and yet there was not so much as a hint of a rushed job — cover design and inside layout both looked entirely professional. I would like to congratulate the whole team on a magnificent effort. I shall be singing the praises of AUK to anybody who’ll listen.' - New York Times best-selling author Herbie Brennan whose first independent eBook was published by AUK


“We have been dealing with Andrews UK Ltd for the last few years and have been very happy with their service. They convert eBooks in record time, communicate very well, sort any problems within minutes and send sales report every month on time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to  anyone.” - Chris Cowlin - Apex Publishing Ltd


"Andrews UK is a pain free way of getting eBook sales for your books. They take the files, convert them to different formats and do all the distribution for you. Paul and the team are real lateral thinkers and are always suggesting new ways to increase sales. They pay promptly too!" - Priscilla Hannaford - Brilliant Publications