Supporting Luton in Harmony

Luton ini Harmony Logo

Luton Culture supports the Luton in Harmony campaign.

Luton in Harmony aims to highlight the positive relationships which exist between people of different backgrounds and with different life experiences, and unites local people in a celebration of all that is good about Luton. Its aim is to celebrate the diversity and unity of our communities, and to build a positive reputation for our town.

Luton in Harmony invites people who live, work, or have fun in Luton, to wear a badge, and sign a pledge card. This says that supporters will:

  • Wear the Luton in Harmony badge with pride - and tell people what it means
  • Make friends with people from different backgrounds and life experiences - and learn about their  values
  • Promote their own beliefs in a spirit of peace and harmony

We want to use the town's  vibrant and colourful heritage from our past and our present to take Luton forward with a sense of community and civic pride. The town’s diversity has long been one of its greatest strengths and that still continues today. The many cultural and community festivals and events such as the carnival, the Mela and annual peace walk, bring together local people in a celebration of all that is good about Luton.

Luton in Harmony will: 

  • Boost civic pride and confidence in the town
  • Celebrate our rich and vibrant past, present and future
  • Acknowledge all of our communities, and challenge the image that the town is fractured or ill at ease with itself.

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